addmesh in fdtd

    • Basma_Eldosouky

      I add amesh in the simulation of a plasmonic structure using the following commands:

      set("z", thick_Si/2 ) ;
      set("z span",thick_Si+2.5*height_margin);
      set("x min", Xmin+2*FDTD_above ) ;
      set("x max",Xmax-2*FDTD_above);
      set("y", 0 ); set("y span",Wg_2+2*width_margin);
      set("override y mesh",1); set("override x mesh",1);
      set("set equivalent index",1);
      set("equivalent y index",3);
      set("equivalent x index",3);
      set("equivalent z index",3);

      when changing the equivalent x, y and z index from 2 to 3, I get a significant change in the simulation results. why this happens? and what are the correct settings to get an accurate results?
    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee


      Plasmonic structures can require a fine mesh near the dielectric-metal interface. We recommend using convergence testing to determine the correct mesh size for a given level of accuracy: convergence testing

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