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Adjoint Solver; Convergence of residuals

    • Aras karimi

      Hi everyone,

      I am optimizing a geometry using Fluent's adjoint solver. I manually optimized the geometry several times in the adjoint solver (manually means that I did not use the gradient-based optimizer And after finishing each iteration of optimization, I did not click the initialize option of the adjoint solver). In this case, the residuals of the adjoint solver converge well, which is as shown in the following figure:

      Because the optimization process is time-consuming and boring, I used the automatic optimization feature of this solver (Gradient Based Optimizer). But according to the figure below, the residuals do not converge well:

      It seems to be auto-initialized after each optimization iteration is completed, which makes convergence very difficult. Is there a way to disable auto-initialization of the adjoint solver during optimization ?

      Thanks in advance.

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