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Adjoint Solver; Design Condition

    • Aras karimi
      Hello Ansys community,

      I am going to optimize a 3D airfoil using Fluent's adjoint solver.I have two design constraints which are:

      1-Fixed chord length

      2-Fixed camber line

      During optimization, these two conditions must be applied.I see a number of design conditions in the Design Tool, but I don't know which one I should use correctly.

      I wasted a lot of time (more than six months) and failed to apply these two design constraints to the geometry.

      I hope there is someone around the world who can help me. I am very disappointed.


    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      Hello Aras, 

      it seems like we've already answered this question before. Please refer back to your original post.

      If others wish to contribute to this discussion, they may do it there.

      Fluent Adjoint Solver;constant chordline constraint (ansys.com)

      • Aras karimi

        Getting answers in general is really disappointing. I have checked all the design conditions available in the adjoint solver such as 'fixed-walls-constraint' and 'bonded-by-plane' , but to no avail. I expected the experts from the Ansys community to help me solve this issue.

        How to create a design condition is important so I haven't found any document or person in the world that can help me.

        Can you describe the steps to do it in detail for me?  Thankyou

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