Adjust coefficients in models supplied by Fluent(Drag force, Lift force…)

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      Hi. I tried to analysis the sensitivity of boiling related parameters on the subcooled boiling flow. During this, I tried to tune the coefficients of models, such as the drag force coefficient. However, I found the drag force coefficient, such as the coefficients used in the Grace model (coefficient in Eqs 17-195 to 200 in Fluent Theory Guide V 18.1), can not be adjusted by GUI or Scheme. Is there any way to adjust these coefficients? Do I need to write a UDF to replace the Grace model in Fluent so I can adjust the coefficient in my own function? Thanks.


      Following are models I would like to study but still have not found a way to adjust them by using GUI or Scheme. 

      Drag force: Grace

      Lift force: Moraga

      Heat transfer: Ranz-Marshall

      Bubble departure frequency: Cole

      Area influence coefficient: Delvalle-Kenning

      Secondary phase diameter: boiling-dia

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