ADJUST macro to get second derivatives of converged velocity field

    • uconcorde

      Hi Amine,

      I am trying to use ADJUST macro to get second derivatives of my converged velocity field, but I got all zero values. Here is the code and procedure I am using. Can you please help me to find any mistake I have?


      # include "udf.h"



      Thread *t;

      cell_t c;

      face_t f;

      domain = Get_Domain(1);





            C_UDSI(c,t,0) = C_DUDX(c,t); // calculate d2u/dx2







      1) Open my .cas file

      2) Interpreted udf

      3) Open my converged .dat file

      4) User defined -> Scalars -> 1 -> Solution Zones: all fluid zones; Flux Function: none; Unsteady Function: none

      5) Solving -> deselect User Scalar 0

      6) Run calculation for 1 time steps

      7) Check contour plot of User Defined Scalar: all zero values.




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I suspect the solver is clearing the gradient value before it's saved in the case. I'd have a look at UDM rather than UDS: there is a difference, and also check the options in the TUI  /solve/set/expert

      As an aside, please don't post into old threads which are marked as "solved": we don't tend to check in those!


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