Adjust under relaxation factors from UDF

    • YasserSelima


      I am trying to adjust the under relaxation factors between iterations. I am using RP_Set_Real in Define_Adjust to do this. I kept trying to access the under relaxation by

      (%rpgetvar 'temperature/relax)

      (%rpgetvar 'pressure/relax)

      (%rpgetvar 'density/relax)

      And it worked only for those three. Now I am trying with the momentum and I can't know its name. Does anyone know the name of momentum under relaxation? Or is there a way to list all the rp-variables in a report?

      You help is appreciated

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      There is no list of all rp-vars as those are intended for internal usage, actually.
      We also do not recommend reducing relaxation factors at all without a system behind it. For your question: you might try mom/relax.
    • YasserSelima
      mom/relax worked, thank you!
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