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Administrator assignment for a team

    • wolfgang.geist


      I´m a Discovery reseller mainly for the ANSYS SpaceClaim user world.

      I need to know how to handle a team of 3 named user licenses of a customer which should received named user license access with 3 different e-mail accounts. 

      What has to be done so that the main user who has been defined as a first user should be able to handle additional 2 named user licenses in a team. I have studied the ANSYS Account Guideline manual but I´m not sure what to do. Is there any further help?

      Thanks and  regards


    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Ghost1246

      Thanks for reaching out to us. For this request, what you can do is make the main user as the admin of their account. 

      As an administrator, you can add users to the system, assign subscriptions to yourself and/or other users, and re-assign a subscription from one user to another. You can also grant administrator privileges to other selected users.

      For more information on what admin of the account can do, you can refer Managing Multiple Subscriptions and Users (ansys.com) documentation. 


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