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Advice on how to Bend Object so it Follows Trajectory Under Dynamic Simulation

    • K0405542

      I am working on a stainless steel nail that bends when it gets inserted into a bone. The predefined created path that it needs to bend on is already known but I want to be able to have the nail follow the predefined curved path to analyze the effect on energy. I am currently working on a 0.0001 second time scale with a force pushing it through. I know I need to utilize an explicit dynamic FEA model to model this bending, but I would appreciate it if y'all know any papers or resources that could illustrate to me how to go about it forward as I had a hard time finding them on my own. Thank you in advance.

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      You can search the past LS-DYNA papers from to find any papers related to your study.
      I just simply entered "bone" and my search found 245 papers. You can use more keywords to refine the search and narrow down the number of the papers.
      See the screen snapshot below.

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