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    • helene.bechara.1


      I am using Ansys Electronics Desktop and I am simulating a machine by using Maxwell 2D. The simulation had been running for a week but suddenly the .aedt file disappears from the taskbar (as the program is not opened) whereas in the folder the .aedt.lock file still exists. 

      Did anyone face this problem? please advice how can I reopen the file without losing the simulation results. 

      Thank you,

      Helene Bechara 


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Hi helene,

      You can open the .aedt file and when the warning appears that it is open in another instant or related lock file click on continue.

      This will not erase any saved data.

      Before doing this you can copy the .aedt file and results folder into another location on your PC for backup.

      This may happen due to memory issues also.

      Please check the RAM nad memory details in Task manager while running the simulation.




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