Ahmed Body files simulation: files required

    • José Mantovani

      Hello guys! So I tried to make some simulation around Ahmed Body and I found a video on internet and I think this video has made by Vganore. I need this archieve of modified velocity to plot the experimental data. I found this in Iowa University class site but when I plot I get the graph in the second image below, the first image is a print screen of the Vganore video. 

      And below have a imagem of chart that I get when I use the file of Iowa Mech. Flu. lab. 

      I need the file of Modified Velocity and Modified TKE. Can someone ask Mr. Vganore, if he has the files (video has made in 2013 maybe the files do not exist), to make them available for me? I followed the simulation according to his video which is a bit different compared to the one made by Iowa University Mech. Flu. Lab. 

      Thanks for attention and help.


    • Karthik R

      Hello Mantovani,

      Could you please share the two links you are talking about? Perhaps, someone on the community might be able to point you in the right direction regarding the files you are talking about.

      Are you talking about this video: 

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


    • José Mantovani

      Hello my dear friend Kremella.

      Yes, this is the video... In the top side at settings bar in FLUENT we can see the name of computer: some words + VGANORE. I think this video has made by Vganore a member here of the community. I found a file with same name in the link below, but the simulation have a different domain and I opened the file and get the graph above, the experimental data stay in other location. 

      The link of file: http://user.engineering.uiowa.edu/~me_160/

      Also, you can give me some help in my other thread about BFS, my friend Kremella? I tested some mesh (about the BFS case) with toward in step (horizontal direction) and I get a good results of reattachment point but the Cf vs x/h chart was worse in comparison with the other mesh with density only in the direction of the wall. 

      Really thanks and have a nice day.


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