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AIM CFD Error: “The command Solve failed. An overflow was encountered”

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      While running a transient aerodynamic CFD solution, I keep getting the following error (and crash) at 2.04725s "The command Solve failed. An overflow was encountered". Please also check the weird drag force resultant of one of the monitored silos Fx Col2M (that is the one in the middle of the arrangement).

      This simulation was meant to evaluate the drag coefficients of a silos in a silo-arrangement with an aerodynamic CFD simulation. This is a quasi-2d simulation.

      Against all my efforts I did not manage to get a steady solution, I guess too many cylindrical shapes are involved, so instabilities are controlling the convergency. That's why I tried to run a 30-sec transient simulation.

      1.) Please help me to fix the issues in the 

      2.) In the meantime If can, by knowing my model, please give some 'specific' (not general) hints how to try to achieve an acceptable convergency with steady state.

      Please find the Wetransfer link of the project archive (without results): 


    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello steelxpert

      Let me look into this. I will get back to you.


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