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Air flow and heat transfer in Room with server

    • skydownunder

      Hi, I am new to Ansys and was trying to simulate a air circulation and heat transfer within a server room. I have details on

      a. Room Inlet air flow velocity and temp

      b. Rack inlet air flow velocity

      c. Rack outlet airflow velocity and change in temp (Tin server +20.3C from study)

      d. Room outlet Airflow


      1. On the setup part, I noticed that the outlet BC has been assigned as pressure outlet instead of velocity outlet. How can I change it to velocity outlet? If not, how can I link the velocity outlet with pressure outlet? Same is true from the room outlet (assigned as pressure outlet)
      2. Is there a way to know temperature change from room inlet temp to rack inlet temp? and link the temp from rack inlet to rack outlet?
    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      There is no outlet velocity BC. Please see this section for the list of boundary conditions : 7.4. Boundary Conditions (ansys.com)
      You can setup a report definition at the 2 locations and compute the difference.
    • skydownunder
      Continuing I have below setup, the T server outlet is link to the T server inlet. is it possible to have an equation to link both temperatures?

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Have a look at expressions, otherwise you need a UDF. You can use a negative velocity to s-u-c-k flow into the rack & then blow it out again. Note, mass may (won't) be conserved if the density is temperature dependent.
      Edit - bypassing the naughty word filter isn't recommended, but given it's easier to upset than my Great Aunt I'm going to let myself off....
    • skydownunder
      thanks, will try to look up for expressions
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