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Airbag scaling not working while using *AIRBAG_SHELL_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY

    • boylek5

      I am having issues when trying to scale an airbag using the *AIRBAG_SHELL_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY keyword due to the reference geometry being in disjoint pre-cut airbag parts. I also use *AIRBAG_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY_ID  and have tried to scale the bag in this keyword but the bag is unchanged when comparing resulting d3plots of the scaled (by 0.5) and unscaled simulations.

      I have also tried to add scaling using *AIRBAG_SHELL_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY_ID but I get an error when trying to run the file.

      I have had success scaling airbags when *AIRBAG_SHELL_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY is not used but in this case it is needed. Any idea on the issues?

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      Usually the "line contains improperly formatted data" error can be fixed by saving the input.k file in the same revison format as the solver. For example, if  you are using the R13 LS-DYNA solver, save the input.k file in the R13 format using LS-PrePost.



    • Amit Nair

      To scale Airbags with a reference geometry defined you have to scale the reference geometry.

      LS-Prepost offers a easy way to scale the geometry. IF the bag has a reference geometry defined then using element edit >transform feature will have a check box for Airbag reference geometry or airbag reference geometry.


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