Airfoil optimisation using Ansys adjoint solver

    • Dennis_107

       im just a beginner .I've been working on a airfoil optimization project for awhile, and right now im trying to read as much as i can. I want to know how you ended the optimization process. It was suggested that I use a script. But i've no experience using one. How do i make one for this function? Did you use any other method? I've seen videos and attended the webinars provided by ansys, but im not getting some stuff clear. Is the mesh morphed only on the region we select? will the volume of the 2d airfoil change? 


    • José Mantovani

      I think you need make a parametric study. 

      I think you should test some modifications (create an aerodynamic profile with settings for specific application) in the XFLR5 software, and then get the coordinate file for yes to test in 2D simulation under given conditions through ANSYS using a parametric study. Or use ANSYS Workbench's own drawing software (Design Modeler or Space Claim) to create your geometry. I mentioned the XFLR5 software because it has an interface for creating aerodynamic profiles.

      I hope helped you guy!


    • Karthik R


      Running a parametric study is one way, as Mantovani put it. You could create a design table and analyze the results using the table. A through study of your design space might help you find your optimal parameters.

      If you are looking for optimization studies using Adjoint solver, if you have not already looked into it, please have a look at these videos on Youtube. This two-part videos deep dive into optimization of the shape of a duct. I strongly recommend that you use this resource to recreate the results from the video. This will help you understand the set-up as well as might answer some of your question for your application.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


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