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General Mechanical

Algorithm for calculating Total deformation, equivalent stress, strain energy

    • Sumit Paul


      Could anyone please post some relevant materials/ANSYS resources which discuss the algorithm of ANSYS for calculating Total deformation, equivalent stress, and strain energy in static structural models? Also, could anyone please post any resources which explains ANSYS algorithm for getting converged solution?



      Sumit Paul

      PhD Student & Graduate Fellow

      Industrial Engineering Department

      University of Louisville

      Louisville, KY- 40292, USA.

    • Daniel Shaw
      Ansys Employee

      You should refer to the MAPDL Help,  Chapter 2 of the MAPDL Theory Reference explains how the deformation/stresses/strains are calculated.  Chapter 8 of the MAPDL Structural Analysis Guide and Chapter 14 of the MAPDL Theory Referebce discuss non-linear analysis.

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