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    • philarama

      Hi there


      I have a completed transmission line design created in Altium Designer 18 which I want to simulate in HFSS.  Exporting from Altium as a .anf file allows me to import into the Electronics Desktop with all my layer information, dielectric constants etc intact.  However, i can't figure out how to simulate in HFSS as Modeller / Import does not accept .anf files.

      I can export from Altium as .dxf but then I lose all my layer / materials information.


      If anyone can point me in the right direction I will be grateful.



    • slouie
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Philip,

      Best way to bring Altium files into HFSS and preserve padstack definitions, net names, layer thickness and material properties, etc. is to use ODB++ export from Altium. Then in Electronics Desktop, use menu item File>>Import>>ODB++ to bring it into HFSS.

    • philarama

       Thanks slouie - I tried this a couple of hours ago and found all the materials had become vacuum.  I will try it again. Cheers.

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