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General Mechanical

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    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      First we are not allowed to download any attached documents (ansys employees), so perhaps another fellow user can help here.

      Secondly we would not be able to advice and look into a paper for you - that is something that you need to do.
      for instance one could contact the authors and ask them if they have the properties.

      If you then have some question related to how a certain material model in Explicit DYnamics work or how to define a specific material model, then that is something we could perhaps advice on. In explicit we have a foam model called Porosity Crushable Foam that will be of help:
      Search the Internet for more info perhaps.

      Also I would suggest to look into Ansys LS-Dyna as it has a specific material model for aluminum foams (*MAT_154).
      All the best

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