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General Mechanical

Aluminum Honeycomb Self Intersecting Surfaces

    • mattyg33

      Hello ,

      I am trying to run a simulation in which four cells of aluminum honeycomb are crushed between two flat, parallel plates, with the ultimate goal of angling the top plate incrementally to analyze the crush behavior. Right now, I have the cells modeled just as surfaces in a static structural model with a dummy load. This feeds an eigenvalue buckling model to predict buckling shape and output a load multiplier. After this I re-input the slightly distorted geometry into another static structural model and apply a displacement, as a quasi-static crush machine would do in real life. Unfortunately, the surfaces of my honeycomb seem to explode outwards much more than they should as well as intersect other cell walls. I have tried running with large deflection mode active and cannot get the simulation to converge. I have also tried creating frictionless/rough contacts between cell walls to prevent intersection to no avail. If anybody has any ideas on what I may be able to try to observe some normal looking buckling it would be greatly appreciated!  The images I attached show the workbench layout, undeformed geometry, and deformed geometry.


      Thank you!

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
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