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    • Kellen.traxel

      Overall Single Track Geometry

      What is the most efficient way to model the laser heat source moving across my symmetric, 3D, single-layer track? I have read about using commands in APDL, however, it is not clear how I can manipulate a nodal (or volume) heat source as a function of the simulation time and position. In the image above, I was able to model a nodal heat source at the starting location (t=0) using APDL commands in the "Transient Thermal" section of my model tree. Ultimately, my question is about the relation between the APDL commands in workbench (and their location in the model tree) and the actual simulation time, and how they could be combined using a DOWHILE loop of some sort so that the local laser coordinates can translate with respect to the overall model domain. I currently do not have access to the ACT toolbox or AdditivePrint in my ANSYS Mechanical license.

      Thanks in advance for any information or resources.




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