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Amplitude and phase In FDTD or MODE

    • pengzheng97

      Hi, I wonder How to get the amplitude and phase of a point in FDTD or MODE, not transmission, what monitor should be used for the information

    • Niki Papachristou
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Pengzheng,

      Thank you for contacting us,

      In FTDT you could introduce a mode expansion monitor (Using and understanding Mode Expansion Monitors) and ports (Ports (FDTD) - Simulation Object) at the positions of your interest for both the amplitude and the phase. From this point you can extract the phase, which is connected with S-parameters, as well as with field component and mode. So taking advantage of S-parameters of FTDT you can use angle script command ( angle - Script command) to get the phase. The same case with S-parameters applies on EME solver by using ports.
      A simple example how you can use the S-parameters is quoted below:
      SS=getresult("FDTD::ports::port 2","S");
      ?phase*180/pi;   #in deg
      You could also get the phase by using a frequency-domain monitor (Frequency-domain Profile and Power monitor - Simulation object) of an individual E component. However, special care should be taken as getting the phase from a frequency monitor it depends on the position on the monitor.
      I hope that was helpful, let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Kind Regards,


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