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An error occured while starting the solver module.

    • Florian_Tatu


      I have a problem with ANSYS Student 18.2 and 19.0. When i click solve it says ”an error occured while starting the solver module”.

      I have 16 GB RAM and the virtual memory is set to 8192 MB, and the free space on C partition is among 350 GB. I don't think the problem is caused by hardware configuration.

      I have try ANSYS 16 and works fine. It could be a incompatibility between Windows 10 and the latest versions of ANSYS, or maybe I must do some settings on Windows/ANSYS for the solver to start?


      Starting solver error

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Florian, 

      Can you please re-post that error message and zoom in, also on the tree view as its difficult to read and see what's going on.

      Also, can you let us know if you are you importing a pre-existing simulation database, or starting from scratch? 


    • Florian_Tatu

      Hi pgl,


      I start the model from scratch.

      And when I try to open Mechanical APDL I get the following error

    • saurabh156

      Hello everyone. I m running Parametric optimization on ANSYS Workbench using VisualDOC optimizer by Van der plaats. 

      When the design iterations are running, they are properly simulated by ANSYS for a few iterations. But Fluent stops working after a while. It pauses the simulation. I m not sure what the problem is. Any help will be appreciated. 

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