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General Mechanical

An Exception has Occured in System Coupling

    • fuad87

      [urgent help needed]


      NOTICE                                |
       | An exception has occurred and has been transmitted to the coupling |
       | participants.  These participants have been disconnected from the  |
       | coupling service.          

         HDF5 Exception                         |
       | Origin            : Chart::WriteChartableData->CHDF5Dataset:pen  |
       | Error Code        : 7                                              |
       | Error Description :                                                |
       |   Unable to open Dataset[Solution 2ata Transfer 3:Change:RMS]   

       My simulation stopped after 3000 iteration with the above error msg. What to do?                                       

    • Raef.Kobeissi

      coupling between which systems?

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Fuad87 can you share your "System Coupling Log File" that would be help the experts here better diagnose the problem?

      I'll take a stab that you might be running into a disk/folder space issue, as the HFD5 data might be being written frequently and be uncompressed. After 3000 iterations this might be taking up room. 

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