Discovery Import

Discovery Import

an issue about “of an object made of”

    • Duhwan Lee



      Object cannot be selected when running Discovery 2019R3 on AWS.


      This is the information of Graphic device.



      Please let me know why and how to resolve it.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Duhwan Lee

      Could you please try the below suggestions:

      1. Confirm that you have launched Discovery Live with Administrator right?
      2. Could you please try deleting all files in the below location and launch a new session of DL to check?%APPDATA%SpaceClaimDiscoveryMaterialLibrary
      3. Could you also go through points 3, 4 & 5 in this post?
      • Duhwan Lee

        Hello Subashni 


        1. Yes, but this issue in not resolved. 

        2. I have tried it, but this issue is not resolved.

        The MaterialLibrary.xml file was created in %appdata%SpaceClaimDiscoveryMaterialLibrary after 1 and 2.

        Please find the attached file. The file is incomplete. 

        3. There is not nvcuda.dll.

        4. It is not solution of this issue.

        5. I cannot control settings on AWS.


        I copied file from ~ANSYS Incv195scdmMaterialLibraryMaterialLibrary.xml to %appdata%SpaceClaimDiscoveryMaterialLibraryMaterialLibrary.xml.


        Then this issue was resolved. 


        This issue is occured only 2019R3. 

        Please check it again.

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