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An unknow error occurred during solution. check the solver output on the solution information object

    • ces182129

      Hi. I am doing finite element non linear structural analysis of a composite beam under flexural loads. My models were working fine. my files were previously running and were able to solve completely. but suddenly the same models have stopped solving for different parameters which i had to give for different engineering data. and now analysis is not running for any model. it is showing this message.. "An unknown error has occurred during solution. Check the solver output on the soccer information for the possible causes".

      I checked the whole solution information, also Cross checked by pressing ctrl+f and typing "Error". but no error is showing up in the solution information. i deleted all temporary files from system, restarted my system and again tried to run it. but it still gives this error after 7 to 8 hours of running. A photo has been attached here for your reference please.

      Please help me out with this trouble.



    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nCould you check if this helps Check the solution information carefully there would be some messages towards the end.nRegards,nIshan. n
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