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Analysis of the temperature inside a body

    • lia_m


      I searched in this forum but I couldn`t find an answer to the question whether and how I can visualize the temperature inside a body. In the solution section of Mechnical I only get to display the temperatures on the surface of the body. Is there a way to have a look on the temperature distribution through the cross section for example?

      A second but very similar problem I have is that I have an enclosure around a body that simulates the air. Its temperature increases due to conduction from the body and I want to know in which distance from the body the air is at the 'normal' temperature of the ambient air again. Do you know how to figure that out? (I tried to create several enclosures of different volumes but that is not leading to an exact answer.)

      Thanks for any help!

    • peteroznewman

      You can section any result using the section view button. 

      Click this button,   then draw a line through your result.


      There is a window to manage Section Planes on the lower left side.
      The diamond icons turns Show Full Elements on and off.


      You can plot Capped Isosurfaces. That is the surface at which the temperature is the same. Below is the Capped Isosurface for 70 degrees C.

      You could do this for the air body and visualize the location of the surface in space where the temperature is 25 C for example.

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