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Ansys Free Student Software

Analysis Systems Not Showing – 2020R2

    • ShaunV12


      I have recently downloaded Ansys Student 2020R2, however I am not able to use any of the tools as the analysis systems tab is not available. I believe this is an issue with the licensing. Please see the image attached. I have already reinstalled with the same issue. I have had Ansys installed previously.

    • Hunter Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Check and make sure environment variable ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE is set to the ANSYS student license file. nAlso try to rename %APPDATA%\Ansys\v202 folder (e.g. to v202.old). nRelaunch Workbench 2020 R2 to see how it works. nIf not, zip %TEMP%\.ansys folder and upload the zip file.n
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