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Angle of curvature in a stress analysis of a cantilever beam

    • eLeN_93

      Hi all,

      I have done a FEM analysis of a cantilever beam and I would like to know the angle of curvature as a function of the distance x. I used the command *get_rot,y but this one gives me just the maximum value of the angle, rather than all the angle values accros the beam.

      Does anyone know how can I extract these values?


      Thanks in advance

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      You can model the cantilever beam as a line body (beam) (the reason being - line body has rotational dofs) and create a user-defined result as indicated below (say for extracting rotation of nodes on line boday about z-axis):


      Right-click on the user-defined result and then export the same as a text file:



      Ashish Khemka



    • Lora Fame


      You can extract the values of the angle of curvature as a function of the distance x by using the displacement fields obtained from your FEM analysis. In particular, you need to calculate the derivative of the vertical displacement field with respect to the horizontal coordinate x. This will give you the angular rotation of the beam at each point along the length. To hire a dedicated development team, you will need to determine your development needs, research potential service providers, assess experience and capabilities, negotiate terms, and monitor progress


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