Angular Dependency for Reflection at Opaque Walls

    • aleo

      Hi everyone,

      I am simulating a 3D-DOM Radiation problem, in which I have an Opaque BC, which is partially absorbing (emissivity=0.3) and reflecting the rest (0.7) specularly.

      My question is, if I can define an angular dependency for these values, by using a built-in expression/function. For example a ray coming with an angle of 30° has other values than a ray hitting my surface at 80°.

      Thanks in advance, and kind regards, Leo

    • Karthik R


      If I understand your question, do you wish to modify the percentage of emissivity and reflectivity based on the incoming angle of the ray? I do not think this can be done, not at least using an expression. 

      Thank you.


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