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Animation Playback not representing Fully Reversing Loads for Fatigue

    • Sara Duello

      I set up a fatigue analysis with fully reversed loading and viewed the animation playback to see the loads reverse. However, the only case that the animation playback shows is the model going from 0 loading to all loads applied. This does not represent the case I am trying to simulate, and it doesn't make sense to me why what would be the case. I have been unable to find any other forum topic or resources about fixing this problem or even addressing why the animation playback is inaccurate.

      I have included a link to a video that demonstrates my same issue. The timestamp is where the animation is played, but the previous parts show the process this user followed to set up the simulation.

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Sara,

      I don't know details about how the developers choose to implement any specific feature in the software, but I expect that making the animation show fully reveresed motion for a fully reversed load instead of animation that shows a zero-based load was just not a high enough priority for the developers. If enough users compliain, it may be put in the list of improvements for a future version.  What most users care about is that the calculation of fatigue life was done correctly for both zero-based loading and fully reversed loading.

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