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Anisotropic hyperelastic theory question- orientation vectors/fiber

    • serene7wings

      Hi, i am using commands in workbench (static structural) to call out anisotropic hyperelastic material model.

      I am not sure how i should define the 2 orientation vectors (AVEC:A=A(x,y,z) and BVEC: B=(x,y,z)) in complex geometry(e.g. human aorta). 

      According to my understanding, for fiber studies in other software such as COMSOL, we need to set the normal and  tangential elemental orientations in order for the software to identify how should the fiber be aligned and then input the strain energy function. Is it the same for Ansys? It seems that i have to input constant values. What are the steps to decide and ensure that orientation vector constants are correct? Am i able to visualize the vector in workbench?


      In the examples online, constants are used but i do not know how i should determine the correct constants for complex geometry. 

      Is it possible to provide me some guideline on how i should proceed from here.


      It seems to me that the fibers can be visualized in ACP so i tried it out.The orientation vectors are automatically assigned itself instead of following the rosetttes. Is the user being able to control the elemental orientation in this case?Is it possible to input strain energy function using ACP or by combining it with APDL?





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