Anisotropic Hyperelastic

    • Maralll

      Deal All,

      My model is a hemisphere and the I want to consider the material as anisotropic hyperelastic. I would like to have the directions of my anisotropy in circumferential and pheripheral direction. To my knowlege, I guess I need to somehow consider either the element coordinate systems (follows the named directions) or shperial coordinate sytem so that I can assign these directions in my material models. The elemet directions (imge bellow) that I were able to generate doesn't show my desired direction for material.


      Also, the micro that I am using currently to consider the anisotropis hyperelasticity in ansys workbenck is follows:

      TBDATA,  1, 0.08 ! A1
      TBDATA,  2, 0 ! A2
      TBDATA,  3, 0 ! A3
      TBDATA,  4, -0.0625 ! B1
      TBDATA,  5, 0.0 ! B2
      TBDATA,  6, 0.0 ! B3
      TBDATA,  7, 0.055 ! C1
      TBDATA,  8, 750 ! C2
      TBDATA,  9, 0.055 ! E1
      TBDATA, 10, 750 ! E2
      TB, AHYPER, matid, 1, 1, PVOL
      TBDATA, 1, 0.1 ! D
      TB, AHYPER, matid, 1, 3, AVEC
      TBDATA, 1, 1
      TBDATA, 2, 0
      TBDATA, 3, 0
      TB, AHYPER, matid, 1, 3, BVEC
      TBDATA, 1, 0
      TBDATA, 2, 1
      TBDATA, 3, 0
      MP, DENS, matid, 1e-09

      But again, I know the directions are not as I want and I need to define thoese directions somehow.

      I would appreciate any help.



    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee


      Will you please clarify bit more about when you say that elemet directions that you were able to generate doesn't show  desired direction for material with respect to circumferential and pheripheral direction?

    • Maralll

      Ideally what I would like to reach in fiber directions is like this photo (If we look at the top view). There are orthogonal fibers and also in an annulus in the bottom of the hemisphere, there are circumferential fibers. So, I would like to model this kind of anisotropy by defining the fiber directions in some way.

      I can also consider the fiber directions like the following image if I simplify my model:











      Bellow is another image showing this fiber directions:

      I would deeply appreciate your time.


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