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ANISOTROPIC MATERIAL in Ansys APDL? which elements types are allow it for Annisotropic Material APDL

    • disotop

      Hi Everyone, Can anyone help with how Ansys transform the coordinate system of the Annisotropic material defiine in ANSYS APDL when I use a Local Coordinate System to the elements of the model?

      The thing that, I have read lots, every single Manual of APDL but Any of them saids if Ansys Actually do a transformation fo the coordinate system that I use for introducing the Anisotropic material for the Local Coordiante System give to the elements,

      How I can check what is ansys doing ? another question , which type of element are allow it for doing simulation with an anisotropic material?

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Anisotropic elastic capability (TB,ANEL or TB,ELAS,,,,AELS/AELF) is available with current-technology plane and solid elements. The element coordinate system is used for defining anisotropic material input. Unless otherwise changed, the element coordinate system orientation is the default orientation for that element type. The orientation may be changed for area and volume elements by making it parallel to a previously defined local system (ESYS). Check this - Understanding the Element Coordinate System. Also check
      Regards Ishan.
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