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3D Design

ANISOTROPIC MATERIAL in Ansys APDL? which elements types are allow it for Annisotropic Material APDL

    • disotop

      Hi Everyone, Can anyone help with how Ansys transform the coordinate system of the Annisotropic material defiine in ANSYS APDL when I use a Local Coordinate System to the elements of the model?

      The thing that, I have read lots, every single Manual of APDL but Any of them saids if Ansys Actually do a transformation fo the coordinate system that I use for introducing the Anisotropic material for the Local Coordiante System give to the elements,

      How I can check what is ansys doing ? another question , which type of element are allow it for doing simulation with an anisotropic material?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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