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General Mechanical

ansys 18.1 does not have Mobile coordinate system??

    • woo3241

      i was exercising the ansys tutorial. and it's  about rope pulling

      the physics is simple. you can see in the picture, i want to pulling the end of rope to the x direction 300m, and i want the two joint just let it be alone, automatically rotate by the force of rope tention and i want to get maximum stress of the rope. 

      i am trying to  mimicking the project but i have some problem.


      the problem is that i cannot find 'mobile coordinate system' so when i solved the project  the result was weird 

      static structural-> model-> connection-> joint-> body_ground-> revolute-> translational-> mobile coordinate system 

      i think the problem is mobile coordinate system. My ansys version is 18.1. the project tried at the ver 19.1r1, so i think maybe there is not mobile coordinate system at ver18.1.

      i just want to apply the rope moving direction along the rope geometry 

       i just worried my ansys verision is lower so i cannot apply 'mobile coordinate system' and there is no way to substitute 'mobile coordinate system'.

       Can i know settling this problem?  Can i have another way to apply 'mobile coordinate system'?

       Thanks for read my discussion 




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