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Ansys 19.1 cannot open ANSYS v191 .wbpj File

    • Ainash

      Dear all,

      My colleague has saved the project in Ansys 19.1, zipped and sent it to me via email (the project and all the supplementary folders). I downloaded, unzipped and tried to run it in Ansys 19.1, but it shows error: "The project was saved in a higher product version and cannot be opened".

      What could cause this problem? 


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Your colleague must be using a higher version of ANSYS if you are getting this error.

      One way to cross-check is to see for the version of Workbench from Workbench>Help>About at both places.

      A workaround for you would be using 19.2.

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