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Ansys 19.1 Student Edition Download Availability?

    • jcurtis

      The school that I attend currently uses Ansys 19.1, and they have no intention on updating to a newer release in the next few semesters. Is it still possible to download the student edition of 19.1? I have looked on the student software download section of the Ansys website, and the current prior edition downloads that are available are 2019 R1 and 19.2. Is the 2019 R1 the same as 19.1, or are there slight differences that would prevent me from being able to save a file in 19.1 and opening it in 2019 R1, or visa versa?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The versions are:




      2019R1  (R19.3 on the install path)

      2019R2 (R19.4 on the install path). 

      R19.1 is about a year old now, and there have been significant improvements in the software in that time. 

      Generally you can't open a newer file in an older version of the code via Workbench or SpaceClaim; not sure about Mechanical but I suspect it's the same. However, R19.2 Fluent files may open in R19.1 if you've not used any "new" settings: this doesn't always hold so test before doing too much.  The Student licence is near enough the same as the Teaching one, so unless you're required to hand in results files there's no reason not to use the latest version (shortly to be 2019R3) for your work. 


    • jcurtis

      Thank you for such a prompt response. Unfortunately, I need to be able to open my files, regardless of extension, on the university computers for purposes of submitting them. As a non-traditional student, with kids, I do not quite have availability to run up to campus to use the university computers whenever I get the opportunity to work outside of class and lab time. Hence, trying to figure out a way to download the 19.1 student edition.

      If you have any ideas about how to get access to 19.1, it would be greatly appreciated and a semester saver.


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