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General Mechanical

ANSYS 19.2 and USER MAT with Windows 10

    • AHamdan


      i have a Problem with ANSYS19.2 and Windows 10.

      in my Simulation i used USER_MAT material Model, this material model Works without any Problem with ANSYS18.2, ANSYS 19.0 &Windows 10  and ANSYS19.1 & Windows 10. as i installed the ANSYS19.2 in Windows 10 my Material Modell (USER_MAT) dosen't work any more. in the Output file of ANSYS WB gives that the System is Windows 8.

      The material model works in case ANSYS19.2 and Windows 7. but ANSYS19.2 and Windows 10 doesn't work together. 

      i don't know  how i can solve this Problem. is anybody has this Problem?

      Please help me if you could.



    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


        Please post images and explain what the error is or what the output logs are? 

        Note the usermats are not officially supported, but if you provide enough details may be someone can help?


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