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Ansys 19.2 Files not found

    • pi314ever

      I installed and re-installed ANSYS 19.2 several times and has failed consistently with the same 43 errors every time. The installer has no errors reported, and there is no installation error file. After clicking through all 43 error messages, ANSYS loads without any modules on the left bar. I have previously installed ANSYS 19.3 on the same computer without any problems but need to revert to ANSYS 19.2 for compatibility issues. 

      The error list is attached as a .txt file. 

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Please post the content of the file inline with your text message since ANSYS employees are not allowed to open file attachment.



    • pi314ever

      ERROR LIST: 

      Error! Ansys.FEModeler.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../FEModeler/bin/Win64//Ans.FEModeler.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.FEModeler.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../FEModeler/bin/Win64//Ans.FEModeler.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.DesignModeler.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../DesignModeler/bin/Win64//Ans.DesignModeler.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.DesignModeler.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../DesignModeler/bin/Win64//Ans.DesignModeler.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.TurboSystem.Gui.GuiAddin could not be loaded, C:.../TurboSystem/bin/Win64//Ans.TurboSystem.Gui.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.TurboSystem.TSBase.TSBaseAddin could not be loaded, C:.../TurboSystem/bin/Win64//Ans.TurboSystem.TSBase.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.VistaTF.Gui.GuiAddin could not be loaded, C:.../VistaTF/bin/Win64//Ans.VistaTF.Gui.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.VistaTF.DataModel.DataModelAddin could not be loaded, C:.../VistaTF/bin/Win64//Ans.VistaTF.DataModel.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.MultiphysicsCoupling.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../MultiphysicsCoupling/bin/Win64//Ans.MultiphysicsCoupling.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.MultiphysicsCoupling.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../MultiphysicsCoupling/bin/Win64//Ans.MultiphysicsCoupling.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.MSExcel.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../MSExcel/bin/Win64//Ans.MSExcel.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.MSExcel.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../MSExcel/bin/Win64//Ans.MSExcel.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EngineeringData.RESTfulService.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EngineeringData/bin/Win64//Ans.EngineeringData.RESTfulService.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EngineeringData.DataModel.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EngineeringData/bin/Win64//Ans.EngineeringData.DataModel.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EngineeringData.Gui.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EngineeringData/bin/Win64//Ans.EngineeringData.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EngineeringData.Commands.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EngineeringData/bin/Win64//Ans.EngineeringData.Commands.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Meshing.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Meshing/bin/Win64//Ans.Meshing.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Meshing.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Meshing/bin/Win64//Ans.Meshing.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Simulation.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Simulation/bin/Win64//Ans.Simulation.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Simulation.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Simulation/bin/Win64//Ans.Simulation.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.CFX.CFXCore.CFXCoreAddin could not be loaded, C:.../CFX/bin/Win64//Ans.CFX.CFXCore.dll does not exist.

      Error! Ansys.CFX.CFDPost.CFDPostAddin could not be loaded, C:.../CFX/bin/Win64//Ans.CFX.CFDPost.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.CFX.Foundation.FoundationAddin could not be loaded, C:.../CFX/bin/Win64//Ans.CFX.Foundation.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.AUTODYN.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../AUTODYN/bin/Win64//Ans.AUTODYN.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.AUTODYN.DataModel.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../AUTODYN/bin/Win64//Ans.AUTODYN.DataModel.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.AUTODYN.Commands.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../AUTODYN/bin/Win64//Ans.AUTODYN.Commands.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ANSYS.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ANSYS/bin/Win64//Ans.ANSYS.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ICEngine.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ICEngine/bin/Win64//Ans.ICEngine.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ForteAddin.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ICEngine/bin/Win64//Ansys.ForteAddin.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Forte.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Forte/bin/Win64//Ans.Forte.Addin.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ANSYS.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ANSYS/bin/Win64//Ans.ANSYS.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Fluent.Gui.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Fluent/bin/Win64//Ans.Fluent.Gui.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.Fluent.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../Fluent/bin/Win64//Ans.Fluent.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ExternalLoad.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ExternalLoad/bin/Win64//Ans.ExternalLoad.GUI.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ExternalLoad.Core.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ExternalLoad/bin/Win64//Ans.ExternalLoad.Core.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.ExternalConnectionAddin.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ExternalConnection/bin/Win64//Ans.ExternalConnectionAddin.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EKM.Gui.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EKM/bin/Win64//Ans.EKM.Gui.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Ansys.EKM.Batch.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../EKM/bin/Win64//Ans.EKM.Batch.dll does not exist.

      Error! Ansys.Rom.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ROM/bin/Win64//Ans.Rom.dll does not exist.

      Error! Ansys.DesignXplorer.GUI.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../DesignXplorer/bin/Win64//Ans.DesignXplorer.GUI.dll does not exist.

      Error! Ansys.DesignXplorer.Commands.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../DesignXplorer/bin/Win64//Ans.DesignXplorer.Commands.dll does not exist.

      Error! Ansys.ACT.WorkBench.Addin could not be loaded, C:.../ACT/bin/Win64/Ansys.ACT.WorkBench.dll does not exist. 

      Error! Failed to load addin ACP.Addin from location C:.../ACP/bin/Win64//ACP.dll. This addin will be skipped.: Could not load file or assembly 'Ans.Addins.Infrastructure, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. 


    • Divya Shree Surendran
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for the error details.

      Please make sure that you extract the package to a folder and then run the setup.exe as Administrator

      Also, please check if the package size is good or if it's a corrupted downlod.

      You can also turn off any Security/Anti-virus/Anti-malware/Firewall on your machine and try the install again.

    • pi314ever

      I have extracted the .zip file to a folder and ran setup.exe as Administrator. The installation size on the disk is 18 gb. I turned off all anti-virus and firewall during the installation, but the errors persist. Is there anything else I can try? 

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Do you have those .dll on their corresponding directories in the error message ?

      If not, the issue is still somehow related to installation. Can you post the screenshot of the file size of unzipped installation package folder (right click on the folder and select 'properties' ) ?

    • pi314ever

      I checked the directories and the folder was empty. None of the files mentioned was present. The screenshot of the unzipped installation package folder is below.


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Your unzipped installation folder is good. Something is wrong during the installation. 

      Do you have install.err file under ANSYS Student folder ?

      Please also post the output of 'set' command without quote ( ' ' ) from CMD Prompt

    • pi314ever

      I do not have an install.err file. 

      Here is the output of 'set'. 

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Nothing alarming in your environment variables.

      Can you post the content of your install.err inline ?

    • pi314ever

      I cannot find any install.err file anywhere. I reinstalled the program once more and got the same errors with no install.err file. 

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry, I misread your info earlier.

      In that case, can you post the content of your install.log file ?

    • pi314ever

      The original problem was solved by updating the other end to R19.3 instead. I do not need R19.2 any more and have uninstalled it on my laptop. Thank you for your help, and I hope this problem does not arise for other users. 

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