General Mechanical

General Mechanical

    • Ibrahim_Elazab

      I have simply supported reinforced concrete beam, in the experimental results the deflection value in between 7 : 9 mm. In Ansys model the largest value 1.5 mm.

      I don't know hwy the deflection value in ansys is very small???    

    • peteroznewman

      ANSYS models idealize things like the supports and make them perfectly rigid.

      How was the 7-9 mm deflection measured in the experiment?  If one end of the measurement was the center of the beam were the load was applied, what was at the other end of the measurement to give you the 7-9 mm value?  If there was a machine frame that was applying the load, it's possible that the beam was bending only 2 mm, but the machine frame holding the beam was deforming by 5 mm.  It just depends on how the measurement was made whether the 5 mm machine frame was included in the measurement or not.

      Another possibility is that the ANSYS model has mistakes in it that need correcting, or the values used for material properties need to be adjusted to match the material property used in the experiment.

      Please change the Title of your post to Simply Supported Reinforced Concrete Beam which is more descriptive of this discussion than ANSYS which describes the entire site.

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