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Ansys 2019R3 showing Abort trap signal on exit

    • robgics

      I have installed Ansys2019R3 on my RHEL6 system and it seems to start and operate correctly ("ansys2019R3 -g"), but when I exit the interface, I get an Abort Trap signal output:

      forrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal

      Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source              00007F3157917463  for__signal_handl     Unknown  Unknown

      libpthread-2.12.s  00000039AD40F7E0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown     00007F312880F725  cAns_Euidl_Eval       Unknown  Unknown        00007F3138E8571B  cAnsEuidlCommand      Unknown  Unknown        00007F313F4438B2  tclexit_              Unknown  Unknown        00007F313FAEF592  systop_               Unknown  Unknown        00007F313C69E801  icmdan_grn_           Unknown  Unknown        00007F313954CD2E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown        00007F31365845F9  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown        00007F3136585C0D  cpan_okCB             Unknown  Unknown     00000039BD813B3E  XtCallCallbackLis     Unknown  Unknown     00000039BD84AE03  _XtTranslateEvent     Unknown  Unknown     00000039BD821DAB  XtDispatchEventTo     Unknown  Unknown     00000039BD8225DB  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown     00000039BD821614  XtDispatchEvent       Unknown  Unknown        00007F314002CB57  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown        00007F3140029D47  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown        00007F313F52CD5A  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown        00007F313EBBDD6E  rdopt_                Unknown  Unknown        00007F313EB8B5D9  rdcmd_                Unknown  Unknown        00007F3140140E26  utcmd_                Unknown  Unknown

      ansys.e            0000000000415624  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

      ansys.e            0000000000411548  MAIN__                Unknown  Unknown

      ansys.e            000000000041144E  main                  Unknown  Unknown       00000039ACC1ED20  __libc_start_main     Unknown  Unknown

      ansys.e            0000000000411329  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

      /opt/aci/sw/ansys/2019R3/v195/ansys/bin/ansys2019r3: line 373: 81411 Aborted                 
      (core dumped) /opt/aci/sw/ansys/2019R3/v195/ansys/bin/linx64/ansys.e -g -smp

      Any help?  Thanks.
    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Your systems might be missing libXt.i686.

      Essentially, please refer to chapter 2 of this ANSYS installation guide

      and make sure that your systems have all prerequisites installed.

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