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Ansys 2020 Mechanical Solver won’t launch

    • Himamshu2019



      I have tried installing Ansys 2020 multiple times. I am not able to go past space claim and open the mechanical module to begin setting up my analysis.

      In parallel, I have upgraded the RAM on my system expecting that a smaller RAM capacity was causing the issue. But even expanding the RAM on my computer doesn't seem to help. 


      Can anybody let me know if you have faced such issues and have found a fix?


      Your help will be much appreciated.

      Thank you.



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Himamshu,

      Please post the screenshot of the error/issue.

      Are you using Student version (free) or Academic version (paid) ?

      Can you open up Design Modeler from the Geometry cell ?

      Thank you,


    • Algasd
      Hello, nI installed the student version of ansys 20, It worked well until a windows crash. After that, Mechanical won't launch nor Design Modeler. I tried some solution entering .dll lines on command promt but (, nothing improved.n
    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee
      Can you post screenshots of the entire window when you are trying the following ?nOpen elevated CMD Prompt (right click on CMD and 'run as administrator' ), then enter the following commandsnregsvr32.exe ole32.dllnregsvr32.exe atl.dllnregsvr32.exe oleaut32.dllnregsvr32.exe scrrun.dllnregsvr32.exe jscript.dllnregsvr32.exe vbscript.dllnmove %appdata%\ansys %appdata%\ansys.oldnn
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