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Ansys 2021 – Analysis Systems Tools not showing up in the Toolbox

    • Koontzja


      I am working with a user at my University who is having issues getting Ansys 2021 R1Toolbox to work properly and show the Analysis Systems items he needs. We are able to see the Analysis Systems components the user needs within Toolbox Customization, but when we check the item we need within Toolbox Customization, it does not show up under the Toolbox on the left-hand side (See attached image). The user is able to see and use the Analysis Systems tools he needs in versions 19.2 and 2020 but not the 2021 version of the software. I have verified that our Licensing Manager is up to date, and on the 2021 version, and have tried multiple machines and had no different results in installing the software.

      I have seen some reports of previous versions of Ansys on the same machine causing issues, the image you are seeing below is from a machine that has had no other versions of Ansys installed. If any additional information is needed, I'd be happy to provide any specifics. Any helps towards solving this issue is much appreciated.

      Thank you!

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