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Ansys 2022R1 RSM Solving

    • tofuu88

      Hello, I have an observation: When using Remote Solve Manager to send jobs to a local staging directory for solving, the license is not found in Ansys 2021R2 and Ansys 2022R1. However, in Ansys 2021R1, this works. The error message indicates max demo license is reached even though there's nothing else taking up the license.

      Literally the same thing works in 2021R1 but does not work in 2022R1 or 2021R2. Can someone from Ansys please help me understand if this is intended?

      Again, I want to know if this is intended to no longer work after 2021R1?

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      Doing this should generate some files in the %TEMP%\.ansys directory with names like licdebug.MECH.212.out or licdebug.ANSYS.212.out. Can you please share the content of these logs? You may want to close all Ansys applications, then delete the contents of this directory and then recreate the issue so the logs will be relevant just to this specific issue.
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