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ANSYS 2022R2 will not pull network license for some modules like workbench

    • Sean Albano


      Been having issues getting specifically ANSYS 2022R2 to license certain modules within the program from flexnet. Did some tests and it seems to specifically having issues communicating via TCP to pull the licenses. In past versions the program would give popups to accept firewall exceptions so everything would work just fine, but with 2022R2 specifically, those prompts are gone and even with allowing the ports and everything to communicate through our firewall, it still wont license some modules.


      The quesiton I really want to ask is has anything changed with how 2022R2 pulls it's license compared to past versions? In the licensing program, when I test the connection it's able to pull a license just fine, and some modules like Fluent can license just fine, but modules like Workbench just hang until they fail to pull the license.


      Any tips would be appreciated because we're pretty stumped at this point.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Please check the firewalls to ensure access to the licensing port 1056 as well as 1055 and 2325.
      You can set ansyslmd to a static port 1056 by adding it in the license file on the VENDOR line.
      (c:\Program files\Ansys Inc\shared files\licensing\license_files\ansyslmd.lic)
      For example:
      VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056
      After doing so, restart the license manager.
      Please test to make sure the client can ping the server by the hostname in the license file.
      Please make sure they can telnet to the server on each of the licensing ports.
      • Sean Albano

        Hi George,


        I went into the directory you listed, and the license file is actually one directory up in the 'licensing' folder instead of license_files folder. That file also only has 2 lines in it: SERVER= and ANSYSLI_SERVERS=


        After each line is port@licenseurl and that's it.


        For the VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056 line you put, would that be in this format instead: VENDOR_ansyslmd_PORT=1056  if I add it to the license file?


        Thank you for the input so far though.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      From your description, it sunds like you are working on a client machine. 
      And, are editing the ansyslmd.ini file.
      Apologies, my instructions should be performed on the License Server Machine.

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