Ansys 3D model Encryption

    • Tarun Kumar

      I have a situation where I have to export a .aedt file containing a encrypted 3D component (.a3dcomp) file to CST studio. 

      Normally to export .aedt files to CST studio, .aedt and .sm3 file are required, but in this case if I follow the usual steps will the component encryption get passed to CST? My goal is to preserve the component's encrytion when importing it to CST.

      Can someone help with this.



    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tarun,

      Thank you for reaching out and your patience is much appreciated.

      Please share more details on your query to help us serve you better.

      I am wondering on how it is possible to export the AEDT files directly to CST studio?

      Best regards,

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