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ANSYS Academic CFD&Mechanical Teaching 19.2 and 2019 R1: Missing Installation files CAD-Interfaces

    • Sirk3D

      For a student project I need the associative CAD-Interface for CATIA V5, but the CADNexus / Capri CAE Gateway can't be configuered because the installation files for it are missing (states the CAD Configuration Manager, see image below, translation at the end of the text).

      My university offers two academic teaching license (2019R1 and 19.2; not the student-edition), which - at least I thougt so - should contain the license for the associative CAD-Interfaces for CATIA, Creo etc.. At our simulation lab we have 2020 R3 Research (I think), but the CAD-Interfaces also can't be configuered - except the one for Creo Parametric.

      Since my CAD-Part is designed with a lot parameters created by a CATIA-Macro, which need to be optimized by ANSYS, I see no other possibilities than the associative CAD-interfaces. Is there any way to get the missing installation files for the CADNexus CAPRI CAE Gateway from ANSYS?

      (I know I can create parameters in Space Claim and Design Modeler, but there are just to many of them, an the geometry is allowed to be change between iteration cycles. I don't know if Space Claim and Design Modeler are capable of that. So I chose to create the geometry in CATIA V5, where I also have much more experience. )

      If anybody knows how to get in contact with ANSYS to discuss with them, if we could get a license/installation files for the CAPRI CAE Gateway, it would help me a lot. We aren't even demanding that we would get it for free, because we would really need it. I already tried to contact them via their contact form on their homepage, since as a student you don't have access to their customer support. My university also couldn't help me, because they are only providing the software.

      I hope the community here can help me at least, thank you in advance!

      Note: During installation I also tried to directly install the Interface, but it didn't also work.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      The CADNexus package is a separate download from the ANSYS Customer Portal.
      It is located under Add-On Packages.
      Make sure you pick the correct version at the top of the page before scrolling down.
    • Sirk3D
      Thank's a lot, Geo, for your quick response! I thought I couldn't access the customer portal, because I couldn't get a customer number, but I managed to find the customer number and it worked.
      I could download the installation files and successfully configure the interface with the CAD Config Manager. But when I started Mechanical in the Workbench the geometry couldn't be loaded, returning the following error message (I blacked out our license-servers adresses):
      I downloaded the correct versions for 2019 R1 and 19.2, both returning the same error. Is this error due to missing licenses of my institution for the CAD interface? Is there any way to get those missing licenses or did I configure something wrong?
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