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ANSYS ACP: How to model solid composites

    • chervasmartin

      Hello everyone! 

      I have a doubt and I've been wondering around the internet for a few days but I can't make it work.

      I'm trying to model the front wing of a fsae car in order to do a static structural analysis on it, but I'm having several problems. In the next image you can see the geometry from CATIA:


    • chervasmartin



      I need to model 3 main structures: the endplates, the nose pillars and the main flap.

      These are formed as following:

      - Endplate: Carbon fibers - Honeycomb - Carbon fibers

      - Nose pillars: Carbon fibers - Honeycomb - Carbon fibers

      - Main flap (wing profile): Carbon fibers skin- Solid interior (Structural Foam)


      I have noticed that in order to model in ACP I need midsurfaces, so I need to simplify the solids to surfaces, right? (I've done it like this image)

      So mu doubts are, is this the best procedure to generate composites? Or can I work with solids?

      And also, how can I model the wing profile body? Is just a wing profile totally filled with structural foam and covered by a skin of carbon prepreg. (See image below)

      Maybe the image is not clear, one arrow to the yellow part is the foam and the blue one is the carbon skin.


      Thanks for your help




    • ehsan120

      No one found an answer to this discussion? I have the same question, do we need to change the region that we are focused on to a surface body or we can stay with a solid body to make a composite? in my case, a laminated composite. 



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