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ANSYS Additive Print 2019 R2 Hatch Spacing and Cut off Support

    • DBStudent92

       Hello everyone,

      i am using ANSYS Additive Print 2019 R2 for prediction of residual stress and distortion of parts.

      The output "DispIacement after cutoff" is good the see the results of the simulation, but i am wondering if it is possible to cut only the support and leave the part and the baseplate united.

      Another question is, how do i know my hatch spacing if i have no option to select the laser sport diameter? Which diameter has the scan vektor?

      Is slicing stripe width the equivalent to scanvector length?


      Thanks in advance

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      I don't believe that cutting off just the support in possible yet (although an interesting enhancement request) but this might not be very feasible if you think of cases which are connected completely to the base via supports.

      Hatch spacing is the distance between two neighboring laser scan beams. Hatch spacing is usually less than the laser beam diameter (or laser spot size). To the best of my current knowledge, the laser spot size is assumed to be a constant value (proprietary). This is the 2 sigma distribution of the laser energy. Also, there is currently no coupling between the hatch spacing and the laser spot size.

      In rotating stripe scan patterns, the geometry is broken up into sections, which are called stripes. The stripes are scanned sequentially to break up very long continuous scan vectors. Slicing Stripe Width is commonly set to 10 mm wide (default). Memory requirements for the thermal solution will expand significantly as you increase the Slicing Stripe Width much beyond the default.

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