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ANSYS Additive Suite not working w/ Research License

    • aolleak


      I am trying to run ANSYS AM simulation through Additive wizard though ANSYS research license, and I am getting this message: 

      " ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical                

       *** FATAL ***                           CP =       0.047   TIME= 10:59:03
       Additive Manufacturing is not available for this product.              

       The above error is non-recoverable by ANSYS                            
        ANSYS run terminated by the indicated error                           
        Current data base saved if possible.                                  


      Is there a solution for this problem ? Does ANSYS AM work with ANSYS research license? 




    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Alaa,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      The ANSYS Additive Suite capability was intended to be bundled into the ANSYS Academic Research and Teaching product bundles (that contain Mechanical) at release 19.2. Unfortunately there is released defect that prevents the M-APDL solver from running a model that uses Additive Suite.  We have a workaround - Please contact your ANSYS academic account manager to  get up and running again.         



    • aolleak

      Thank you. 

      I will contact him. 

    • jramazan

      Hi all,

      One of my ansys users is having the same issue. Can you confirm that by contacting ANSYS academic account manager it resolved the issue? What is the root cause of this issue?

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