Ansys AEDT eye diagram plots

    • Mihai Rus

      I'm trying to have 2 eye diagrams with different UIs plotted so that the entire window is filled with both eyes.
      One eye has a UI of 1.25ns, and the other eye has an UI of 0.625ns.

      When I plot the eyes, the smaller one is plotted only on half the screen.
      Is there a way how one could plot eye diagrams with different widths so that they fill the screen?

    • Dan Dvorscak
      Ansys Employee

      In a single eye diagram, the only way to do that is to use the same UI for both. In this case, set them both toe 1.25ns. You will have two cycles worth of eye diagrams for the 0.625ns UI on in that case, of couse. 

      Alternatively, you can create a stacked eye diagram report type and then the two eye diagrams will be displayed full width, but with one abouve the other.

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